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OO Annual - County - Lanark Application

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An Oversize/Overweight Annual Permit (O/O Annual) allows for the hauling of oversize/overweight loads during the period permitted, as defined by the Highway Traffic Act (HTA), that are within the specified maximum weights and dimensions permitted, and that are also subject to seasonal, fixed and temporary load restrictions.
Conditions Highway Traffic Act

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OO Annual - County - Lanark Details

Pick one of the annual load permit types from the list.

Enter the maximum number of hauling units that will be hauling oversize overweight loads at one time. You will receive numbered certificates, e.g., -1, -2, -3

If required, enter the license plate numbers for the hauling unit(s) to be used with this permit, in the order of the certificates to be issued, e.g., -01 goes with the first plate number. Include the name on door of the hauling units. Some road authorities require further details or cab cards uploaded below.

If required, enter license plate numbers for any trailers that may be associated with this permit.

Some road authorities require MTO and MOE certificates be uploaded.

Enter expiry date. Certificate to be uploaded below.

See road authority conditions for additional information that may be required.

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See road authority's conditions.

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