Permit Types

Event in Right-of-Way - County of Lanark

An Event in Right-of-Way Permit (Event ROW) is required when an event requires the occupation and disruption of traffic within a road authority’s right-of-way’s, including roads, sidewalks, trails and paths.

Permit applications may be made to one or more road authorities with this service (coming soon).

OO Annual - County - Lanark ($100.0 /per hauling unit)

An Oversize/Overweight Annual Permit (O/O Annual) allows for the hauling of oversize/overweight loads during the period permitted, as defined by the Highway Traffic Act (HTA), that are within the specified maximum weights and dimensions permitted, and that are also subject to seasonal, fixed and temporary load restrictions.

OO Trip - County - Lanark ($25.0 /per load)

An Oversize/Overweight Load - Trip Permit (OO Trip) is required for the transportation of a load(s) that exceeds the limits prescribed in the Highway Traffic Act (HTA), on a specific day(s), on a specific route, that is not already allowed for by a current Oversize/Overweight Load - Annual Permit (OO Annual).

Application may be made to multiple road authorities on a route with this service, by selecting the Multi-Jurisdiction option (coming soon).