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OO Trip - County - Lanark Application

Please read carefully:

An Oversize/Overweight Load - Trip Permit (OO Trip) is required for the transportation of a load(s) that exceeds the limits prescribed in the Highway Traffic Act (HTA), on a specific day(s), on a specific route, that is not already allowed for by a current Oversize/Overweight Load - Annual Permit (OO Annual).

Application may be made to multiple road authorities on a route with this service, by selecting the Multi-Jurisdiction option (coming soon).
Conditions Highway Traffic Act

Applicant Details

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Carrier Details

OO Trip - County - Lanark Details

Provide sufficient detail for authorities to identify the load(s) on the road. Include where the load originated and destination so that we might identify an alternate route if needed.

Use one row per load, with a load description identifier in load details above, e.g., crane, loader. Note that some road authorities require all load dimensions, and others only those that exceed HTA (width 2.6m, height 4.15m, length 12.5m, combo-length 23m, rear overhang 4.65m, weight per truck type). If load and or axle weights exceed HTA, enter weight and upload axle table(s) below. Be sure to check road authority conditions associated with this application. Numbered certificates will correspond with the specific loads, e.g., -1, -2, -3


If yes, upload MOE certificate below.

If required, enter license plate numbers for the hauling unit(s) to be used with this permit, in the order they will be used with the specific loads (if more than one load). You may add alternate hauling units. Include the name on door of hauling units. Some road authorities require further details or cab cards uploaded below.

If required, enter license plate numbers for any trailers that may be associated with this permit.

Some road authorities require MTO and MOE certificates be uploaded below.”

Certificate(s) to be uploaded below.

See road authority conditions for additional information that may be required.

This field supports the addition of your internal reference for this application.


RIGHT CLICK points along your route, and application will draw route for you. You may need additional points to hold your drawn route to your route, truck routes, etc. You may drag points on your route before the route has been saved. You may turn off the Municipal511 data using the Municipal511 content on/off feature located on the map.

The road information displayed is also available at

File Uploads

See road authority(s) conditions.

Required if weight exceeds HTA.

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If required.

If required.